Why I’m Blogging.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a 32 year old mother of two (ages 6 and 7) and a wife to my high school sweetheart. Yep, I have already lost your interest with the “picture perfect” family. Well if you dare to continue to read you will quickly learn I’m unfortunately one of those oncology moms too. We are a special bread of moms that have faced a set of challenges that none of us would wish upon our worst of enemies.

I started a caring bridge site for my 6 year old who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 4. Because of this I have learned I have a few more opinions on things then I ever thought; without an outlet to express them. This is why I’m attempting the avenue of blogging.

So, let’s start with a little background. My faith in the lord is number one followed by being a wife and mother. I believe hard work and persistence pays off. I prefer to work with numbers over grammatical corrections so my blog will be far from perfect. My philosophy in life (this week) is “Why me… because why not me.” So let’s get started and see how this goes. Welcome…..

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